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About us

Emission-free public transport, that is the mission of ZETT. We ensure that public transport companies can effortlessly make the transition to emission-free transport: 100% clean from well-to-wheel!

ZETT has linked all parts of the value chain of ‘hydrogen-based zero emission’ public transport. With that, all 360˚ of the circle are connected. We guarantee affordable, reliable zero-emission public transport by bus!

As of 01.01.2021 ZETT is part of Buses4Future. Buses4Future, based in Germany, wants to lead the way for the future of local public transport. Buses4Future wants to offer interested users and customers an attractive, future-oriented offer for local public transport. Buses4Future offers emission-free mobility in the form of fuel cell buses and sees itself as ultimately responsible. To this end, Buses4Future works closely with a consortium of medium-sized companies.

ZETT is an innovative leasing company, we do not rent buses, but deliver zero-emission kilometers for a fixed, all-inclusive price.

This price per kilometer includes all costs: hydrogen, financing & depreciation, maintenance, replacement. The price is fixed for the entire duration of the contract.

Our buses meet all the requirements of PTO’s: reliable, large range (400+ km per tank), comfortable, large passenger capacity, economically.

Zero worry for public transport, zero emissions by public transport.