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At BUSWORLD EUROPE 2019 in Brussels ZETT will proudly present the ‘ZETT-bus’, a 12M hydrogen bus.

Hydrogen is the solution for zero emission public transport. It can be efficiently produced from renewable resources (wind and solar) and in contrast to electricity it can be easily stored and transported in a less-expensive way. Refuelling of buses does not take longer than filling up diesel buses.

ZETT guarantees performance equal to or better than diesel buses and lowest TCO per kilometre for a zero emission bus over lifespan (10 years or 1.200.000 kilometres).

The ZETT-fuel cell electric bus  is an integral part of the ZETT-concept: one stop shop leasing of zero-emission kilometres for public transport organisations. Public Transport Operators can rent ‘public transport kilometres’ for a fixed price per kilometre, all costs included.

The ZETT-bus is a 100% zero-emission (well-to-wheel) 12M fuel cell bus. Main characteristics: average hydrogen consumption (including auxiliaries, heating, cooling) of 6,8 kg per 100km. Daily range (without refuelling) 550km.

The bus is in daily operation for Syntus/Keolis since 2017.  ‘This bus is absolutely as reliable as any diesel bus’, says René Nekkers, responsible for the concession in the middle of the Netherlands. ‘Our passengers like it: it is silent and smooth and our drivers are almost fighting to grasp the steering wheel. Thanks to the in-wheel-motors and regenerative breaking some of them manage to drive a whole service without even touching the breaks.’

The basics of the bus – chassis and bodyworks – are build in Poland whereas the fuel cell electric drive train is manufactured and installed in the Netherlands. The first series are based upon the current design, while in parallel a new fuel cell bus is being developed, even more tuned to the fuel cell electric drive train. Also an 18M fuel cell bus is on its way. First deliveries of the bus will be in Q3 2020.

ZETT cooperates with a technology consortium consisting of Ziehl-Abegg – in wheel motor systems, BMZ – battery systems, Worthington – tanks and Hymove – FC systems that provides the fuel cell electric drive train.

Jointly we provide a high quality, low cost solution for public transport organisations in meeting the demands of tomorrow: 100% zero emission kilometres (well-to-wheel) with maximum reliability.

During BusWorld Europe in Brussels the bus is daily available for demonstration rides during which the system architecture and technical details can be explained.

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